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heard and seen. Regarding what is impossible, put your trust"
in the God Pundarikaksa, the protector of the suppliants, and
conduct yourself humbly. Then, all your objects become
easily attainable. A crowned monarch should govern the
state, keeping dharma in view .........

a, 4, 204 ff.


As Kranaraya had no male issue, he gave his daughter in
marriage to Ramaraja whom he appointed Yuvaraja ; but at the
time of his death, he bequeathed his kingdom to Aeyuta, the
son of his elder brother, and nominated Ramaraja as Yuvaraja.
After some time, Ramaraja made himself the king and began to
rule the kingdom in his own right.*

Kaifiyat o/PerMf0*da, Mac. lifts. 16-6-8, pp. 2-3.


The king of kings, Acyutaraya, sat in his durbar on his
jewelled-throne in the manner of (Sii) Krsna, surrounded by
the kings of Utkala, Yavana, and Andhra. A chrysolite sur-
passing the splendour of the Sun which was set in the pendant
of his necklace shone upon his breast ; a fine yellow silk nether
garment embroidered with golden lace in which he was dressed
lent grace to his person ; a superior cap set with gems of
brilliant lustre was more charming than the crown ; and the
(caste) mark of musk (on his face), and the garland of flowers
(around his neck) gave a banquet to the bees.

NaSjarasa-Timmarasa, the minister of king Acyutaraya
who defeated the Tiruvadi, crowned the king of the Pandyas,
showed mercy to the lord of Utkala, offered protection to
the Savayi who made obeisance to him and acquired glory?
deserves praise,

nt : Madras Go*t9 Or. M*t. Lib., R. No. 34fc

.    * Axjyate»of course, w« not a aepbew of KjsnoiSy*, but Ms half-brother.    Such
OQgfiuioft* kfcwe* er* is coiabenly iaet with in the Tillage chronicles.